20 Essential Healthy Heart Tips

Cardiovascular diseases cause the highest number of deaths all over the world. The health of our hearts depends upon a lot of lifestyle factors. Poor nutrition choices, bad lifestyle decisions, and improper mental health care can result in strokes, heart attacks, embolisms, and coronary heart disease.

Here are 20 ways to keep your heart healthy:

1.Eat healthy
Eating fresh produce and eliminating processed foods from your diet will reduce trans- fats, the number one cause of heart disease.

2.Anti-Oxidants Intake
By increasing your intake of antioxidants found in berries, artichokes, nuts, leafy greens, and citrus fruits you can ensure good heart health.

3.Quit Smoking
Smoking causes the blood vessels going to and fro from the heart to constrict, increasing the odds of getting a heart attack. Quit smoking to keep your heart happy.

4.Regular Exercise
Aerobics, Zumba, yoga, swimming, brisk walking and jogging will increase heart rate which keeps the system functioning well.

5.Bust the Stress
Stress makes us indulge in unhealthy activities like drinking, eating junk and smoking. Find ways to de-stress and learn to practice deep breathing.

6.Delete Cholesterol
Avoid processed foods, eat natural and healthy and your cholesterol levels will see a dip.

7.Sleep Enough
Restful, seven hours of sleep every night is a must for a healthy heart.

Having an active social life can reduce the risk of suffering from heart diseases. Meet friends and family often.

9.Stock Up On Fibre
Eat your raw fruits and veggies and the wonder cereal-oats to improve heart functioning.

10.Reduce Alcohol
Limit your alcohol intake and avoid binge drinking sessions. Choose wine over the hard drinks to have a happy heart.

11.Weighty Issues
Reduce your weight if you are on the heavier side. Look up the optimum weight for your age and height and aim to achieve that.

12.Pet Therapy
Having a pet reduces stress. If pets are not your thing, indulge in some gardening, or volunteer for some charity work.

13.Cooking Oil Matters
Eliminate refined oils from your cooking. Switch to olive oil, peanut, sesame or mustard oil.

14.Reduce Salt
Salt is known to increase blood pressure. Reduce its amount from your diet and use herbs and spices to add more flavor to your food.

15.Eat Your Oats
Oats are the friendliest cereal when it comes to your heart. Rich in fiber, high in protein, oats are the best breakfast option.

16.Regular Checkups
Meet your doctor regularly to have consistent updates on your health.

They are richest in anti-oxidants, which are responsible for avoiding heart issues. Eat a handful to stay healthy.

18.Eat Fish
The healthiest alternative to red meat and chicken, fish is also rich in anti-oxidants.

19.Eat chocolate
Chow down some dark chocolate but only in moderation. The darker it is, more anti-oxidants it will have proving beneficial for your heart.

20.Dental hygiene
Dental health is related to your heart’s health. Floss and brush daily and visit the dentist regularly.

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