Ayurveda in Vedic Era
In Hindu mythology many stories, incidents reveal that the sainya chikitsa (treatment of the army) or chikitsa (treatment) was in a developed state in the Vedic era. As described in Rig- Veda many examples unveil that the doctors of Gods, Aswini kumars performed many breathtaking surgeries and they were experts in body implants.

The examples of implantation of the steel legs in place of broken legs of Vishakha, the daughter of King Ravel, implantation of a horse's mouth in place of Dadhichi's head and again replace it with original makes it evident that Sainya Chikitsa was very progressed.

Atharva Veda, Kaushiksutra, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Harshabharit etc. novels have the description about the well- equipped doctor in the army quarters. .

In Arthashastra (Economy) by Kautilya, there is a discussion about the doctors who possessed Yantra (equipments), Shastra (Tools), Agada (poison), Aushadha (Medicine), Sneha (love), Vastra (clothes), Parichaarak / Parichaarika (Nurses), to cure and heal. .

Pashu Chikitsa (Animal's Treatment)

thousands of years ago, rules and regulations mattered to people and governed their way of life. Life in the Vedic era was a natural life of the people who gave priority to Yadnya that only married people were allowed to perform.

Animal hunting was allowed for purpose of Yadnya and the eating meat after the Yadnya was thought as holy deed. The animals that were having diseases were not eligible for Yadnya. Only after treatment when they are fully cured could be taken for Yadnya.

It was observed that animals treat themselves when diseased and ayurveda was classified in three branches:

  • Manava ayurveda
  • Pashu ayurveda
  • Vruksh ayurveda

In the Vedic era significant animals were used in Yadnya and army like the elephant, horse, cow etc. Cow was most important within these. Cow was given as a gift, dowry and debt. Many branches such as Gajayurved, Ashwayurved, Gawayurved were developed afterwards based on these animals.

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