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Ayurveda Avtaran

Evolution of Ayurveda

According to Charak Sanhita there exists a place in Charaksanhita where name of Bharadwaj is not mentioned. Atreya and other sages got the knowledge of ayurveda directly from Indra.Many of the scholars (vidwana) believe the above said part as Bharadwaj's name was not mentioned in important incidences and also there isn't any record of his student's tradition (parampara).

When the students started living in villages and started eating village food, Godhum (sweets) then they started becoming fat, chubby. Their actions became slower and they were even unable to do day to day work because of unhealthiness / ill health. They realized that the cause was the village life. So it would be better to go to the Himalayas and live in the auspicious and calm environment, which is also the house of divine souls. It is a place where intelligence increases divine medicines are produced. Also this place has the source of Ganga (River Ganges), mine of diamonds, backed by Devendra (Indra).

Thus Bhrugu, Angira, Atri, Vasishtha, Kashyap, Gautam etc. sages went to the Himalayas as per their decision. Indra invited them and showed sympathy towards their decision of coming to the Himalayas. This was the time when Indra realized that spreading the knowledge of ayurveda was essential for two purposes:

1) Self protection
2) Help the Praja (citizens)

Ayurveda is a holy knowledge. It increases life, it is powerful, rejuvenating, guardian and a very great thing. Ayurveda is about learning, hearing and understanding. Thus Indra told the sages to publish for the betterment of people and spread it. By the use of friendship and also help people for it is a good deed to teach.

The Maharshis (sages) were very much happy to listen to sweet advice of Indra and praised him through Rucha, also congratulated him. Thus Indra taught them how to create medicines, Brahmi etc Dravya (Divine) medicines and Ayurveda.

Step By Step Growth of Ayurveda

Brahma is said to be the most knowledgeable person in every science subject. Also he is said to be the first former of Ayurveda. He wrote the first book on Ayurveda i.e. Brahmasanhita.

'Daksha Prajapati' and 'Bhaskara' were the first persons who got knowledge from Brahma about Ayurveda. There was dominance of rules (Siddantha) in tradition of Daksha and in Bhaskara's tradition treatment (Chikitsa) was dominant..

Ashwinikumar also learnt directly from Brahma. He wrote the books such as Aswin Sanhita, Chikitsa Sartantra, Bhramaghna And Nadipariksha. According to Charaksanhita, Indra learnt ayurveda from Aswinikumara and he spread this knowledge to Bharadwaj, Bhrugu, Angira etc (ten sages).

According to Kashyapsanhita, Indra taught Ayurveda to Kashyup, Vasishta, Atri and Bhrugu and in Susrutsanhita it is said that Dhanwantri got knowledge about ayurveda from Indra.

In this way ayurveda is a very ancient therapy and has a spread in the foreign countries a swell. In the famous therapies all over world, Indian therapies are most ancient and its scope is very wide. Thus ayurveda can not be tied up to a country or specific time span as.

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