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When the diseases are chronic it is difficult to treat through the balancing methods of shaman therapy as it takes a lot of time. Here comes the role of the elimination therapy that takes less time and cure the diseases in which the doshas are situated at a much deeper level. Shodhana therapies expel the aggravated doshas from the body by the use of different types of elimination therapies called the Pancha Karma.

It involves the use of the following five types of cleansing techniques:

  • Vamana- emetic therapy (supervised vomiting)
  • Virechana- laxatives
  • Vasti- herbal enema
  • Nasya- nasal administration
  • Rakta Mokshana - blood letting

Some preparatory treatments are first induced in order to soften the dosha and move it to either the stomach or the intestine from where the dosha is eliminated using the above-mentioned techniques. Shodhana is also used as a preventive treatment to gain positive health.

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