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Dinacharya is the practice of keeping regular hours. It especially benefits vata dosha, which needs a regular regime to keep it in balance. As vata leads the other doshas, dinacharya is of benefit to these as well.

At different times of the day different doshas predominate. (See DOSHAS THROUGH THE DAY.)

Before sunrise, vata conditions give freshness to the morning. Ayurveda recommends rising at this time to enjoy the benefits. Rising later during the kapha period, which lasts from sunrise to 10am, means you will be influenced by kapha sluggishness all day. If you are kapha, rising before sunrise is an especially beneficial habit to acquire, although you may find it difficult at first. Vatas can rise after sunrise, but not too late or you will find it difficult to fall asleep at a regular time.

Pitta predominates from 10am to 2pm and benefits digestion. For this reason ayurveda recommends eating your main meal at noon or thereabouts. Breakfast and dinner should be lighter.

Vata is again active from 2pm to sunset. You may find you have more mental alertness in the afternoons - if you have not overloaded your digestion at lunch.

From sunset to 10pm kapha predominates. This is a time to slow down and relax. Try to eat at least three hours before you go to bed. Bedtime is best before the next pitta period from 10pm to 2am, when you may find you feel more active and have difficulty falling asleep.

A recommended daily routine is as follows:

5am - 6am Rise. Practice ABHYANGA or GARSHANA. Have your morning shower. Kaphas rise closer to 5am, vatas closer to 6am.
7am - 9am Eat breakfast.
11:30am - 2pm
Eat lunch - your main meal for the day.
6pm - 7pm
Have a light evening meal.
9pm - 10pm
Bedtime. Vatas especially should aim for an early bedtime.
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