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Vajikaran is the to the Science of aphrodisiacs. This word consists of two words i.e. Vaj meaning shukra or potency (sexual vigor) thus giving the whole term the meaning of the branch that deals with various aspects of sexual desire. Vajikaran doesn't contradict the abstaining from sex i.e. the brahmacharya but believes that sex is a means to procreation thus vajikaran serves the purpose of purushartha chatushtaya by helping to procreate sustainable species.

Who should have Vajikarana?

  • Age group (between 16 to 70 years)
  • Importance (with the exception of hereditary or traumatic impotence.)
  • Frequent indulgence in sex.
  • Shukra Kshay (oligo spermia)
  • Dhanavan (rich).

Who should avoid Vajikarana?

  • Before 16 years and after 70 years of age.
  • Duratma (evil minded people)
  • Traumatic and hereditary impotence

Stree (female) is the greatest of all the vajikaran Dravya as said by charakh. Before vajikaran, pancha karma therapy is essential. Vajikaran is good for health and influence mental health also and psyche (mind) is considered as the origin of momentum for sexual desire. Mana (mind) is also called as manoj in Sanskrit. Thus it can be utilized for treating disorders of the mind for e.g. depression.

Vajikaran thus deals not only with modes of increasing sexual vigor but also psychosomatic disorders.

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